This is a list of rule groups of potentially suspicious hosts, which you can subscribe to from Little Snitch version 4.1 onwards.

These groups are generated from the raw host files on Steven Black’s unified hosts project.

Disclaimer: I make no claims or warranty for the veracity or accuracy of any of the source lists. In particular categorising something as “fake news” may be a matter of opinion. I just want to make them easier to consume from Little Snitch. I am not a lawyer. Use these at your own risk. You can always explicitly override false positives.

The rule groups

Each list has been split into two rule groups because they exceed the limit of a Little Snitch rule group.

This is a breaking change, because I didn’t want people subscribing to just the first chunk of a block list and thinking they have the whole thing.

This means you will have to resubscribe to all the rule groups for the list you want.

Unified (adware + malware)

Unified + fake news

Unified + gambling

Unified + porn

Unified + social media


The scripts for the rule group generator and the source for this website are at

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